Organization and conduct of training in the form of seminars, lectures, trainings, business breakfasts for corporate clients, as well as for the purpose of legal education and updating of knowledge and skills of legal professionals, entrepreneurs, hire managers of organizations.
Since 2014 at the Russian Academy of national economy and public administration under the President of the Russian Federation and from 2016 to 2019 at the all-Russian state University of justice (Russia Legal Academy under Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation)

Main disciplines: Legal environment of business, Business law, Actual problems of protection of civil rights, Civil law, Tort obligations, Contract law, Contract law in the field of medical and pharmaceutical activities, Contract and claim work in the Corporation, protection of competition. Interaction with Antimonopoly authorities, Protection of the rights of participants of corporate relations, Intangible assets of the Corporation, Features of the legal status of subjects of medical and pharmaceutical activity, Legal bases of public-private partnership, Technique of contractual work in the Corporation.
Experience of cooperation with consulting companies that organize corporate training
Project involvement of a team of lawyers, support of the organization of the legal function of the Corporation, optimization of legal work
Due Diligence, compliance