Large food company (retail)
Consulting and representation in the capital arbitration courts of the first, appellate and cassation instances
Agency in the field of Internet advertising, marketing and SMM
Consulting on advertising, personal data, content placement on the Internet, intellectual property protection, full corporate control of activities
Foreign software Developer and international social network
The United States, Latin America, Europe, Eurasia, offshore jurisdictions
Advising on tax planning and business, including in offshore jurisdictions, intellectual property protection, transaction support, corporate work
HORECA management company
Consulting in the field of HORECA and management of objects-hotels, restaurant chain, preparation for inspections of Supervisory authorities, support of disputes and court cases, issues of labor and migration law. Successful support of activity in situations of presentation by control and Supervisory authorities of the unreasonable claims entailing suspension or termination of activity
Oil company
Representation in state and municipal bodies on issues related to non-residential real estate and land relations
European fashion retailers (group of companies)
Full legal support of business
Federal developer (General contractor, Federal highways)
Consulting and representation in the capital arbitration courts of the first and appellate instances
The management company
(an elite class)
Full legal support of business
Large state medical institution
Full legal support of business, licensing support, support of control and verification activities
Moscow full cycle concert Agency
Prompt and effective management of court disputes in writ and simplified proceedings
Successful resolution of family disputes of famous theater and film artists, musicians
Trust management of commercial and residential real estate in the center of Moscow, including protection from encroachments and settlement of land issues
Creation and support of professional non-commercial and commercial sports projects
Consumer disputes arising from the provision of medical services, insurance, financial services, development (construction)
Successful registration of migration and labor relations of foreign citizens, including highly qualified specialists
Consulting and support of investment activities of foreign citizens in Moscow and regions of the Russian Federation
Successful support of inheritance disputes over real estate and securities
Tax consulting and settlement support, including within the framework of Federal law No. 115-FZ
Consulting and successful defense at the stages of preliminary investigation and trial of criminal cases under articles of the criminal code: 105, 109, 111, 112, 128.1, 158-168, 169, 171.2, 172, 172.1, 172.3, 174-175, 177, 180, 185-187, 193-197, 200.1, 201, 204, 204.1, 209, 210, 213, 214, 216, 219, 228-228.4, 243, 246, 264, 272-274, 282-282.3, 285-285.3, 290-291.1, 293, 330, 339 and others